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Gemstone Jewelry Boutique

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Necklace & Earring Sets

Pink Quartz Necklace & Earring Set

Tourmalinated Rose Quartz Gemstone


Lady In Red

Red Agate and Carnelian gemstone Necklace & Earring Set


Green Agate Necklace & Earring Set

Green Moss Agate Gemstone


Deep Dark Blue

Lapis Lazuli and blue jade gemstone necklace & earring set


Bracelet & Earring Sets

Tiger's Eye Bracelet & Earring Set

Brown Tiger's Eye Gemstone


Red Carnelian and Black Onyx Bracelet & Earring Set

Red Carnelian & Black Onyx Gemstone



Gemstone Hoops

Gemstone chip embellished hoop earrings


Brown Agate Earrings

Agate Gemstone


White Howlite Earrings

Howlite Gemstones


Red Aventurine Hanging Hearts Earrings

Aventurine gemstone


Golden Butterflies with Pink Quartz

Quarts embellished earrings


Green Aventurine Hoops

Aventurine gemstone earrings with golden tone earwire


Quartz embellished hoops

Quartz earrings


Heart shaped Dalmation Stone Earrings

Dalmation Gemstone


Black Agate Earrings

Agate earrings with golden tone earwire


White Italian Onyx Earrings

Italian Onyx gemstone earrings


Leopardskin Jade Heart Shaped Earrings

Jade gemsone


Pink Quartz Hoops with pink glass crystal embellishments

Quartz and glass crystal


Red Agate embellished glass pearl

Agate and copper colored glass pear with copper earwire



Amazonite & Blue Quartz Bracelet

Amazonite and Blue Quartz Gemstone


Blue Denim Lapis Bracelet

Denim Lapis Gemstone with glass crystal accents


~Established 2008~